German-English and English-German B2B Translations

Translation of Commercial Texts for All Occasions

In business many types of documents may need translating as there are many types of communication with customers, suppliers, government agencies etc. I can offer you my expertise in English-German B2B translation services for documents of any length, from 10 words to 10 000 words. I have wide experience in translating commercial documents for many industry sectors. 

Examples of Specific English-German B2B Translation Services I offer

General Technical Translation
An author can aim technical texts at insiders only or at the general public. In the first case the language used will differ a lot from the second case.
Translation of Contracts and Agreements
Businesses could not function if their relations to other businesses and clients were not defined by legally binding contracts and agreements.
Website Translation
In this day and age a well-written website is essential to many businesses.
Certified Translations
Occasionally, businesses have need of certified translated documents.
English-German Translation Services Tailored to your Needs
Customer liaison, bilingual business support and troubleshooting are all value-added services I offer.
Other Specialist Subjects
Apart from translating business texts as described above, my specialist subjects are:
Christian Theology and Biblical Studies
Independent proofreading is available at an extra charge. It is highly recommended for marketing texts, brochures and other publicity material.

General English-German B2B Translations

In business many different types of documents may need translating. There are many types of correspondence with customers, suppliers, wholesalers etc. Additionally, there are sales materials, product presentations, staff training materials for foreign subsidiaries, marketing materials for trade fairs and other purposes and company brochures to name but a few.

I can help with any of these and many more. I also offer specialized bilingual business support services that can save you a lot of time and money. Contact me to discuss your requirements.

Prices will depend on the urgency of your translation, the degree of difficulty, the required terminology research and any other factors with impact on the time and expertise required for your specific translation.

General Technical Translation

Technical texts can be written for insiders only or for the general public. I am an experienced and confident English-German translator of technical documents intended for the general public, such as user manuals, product descriptions and specifications. I am no engineer, though.

Should your target readership be a software developer for example, you will probably need a translator with specialized knowledge in this area. However, if your document uses simple language to explain to end users how your software works, my general expertise should suffice. In addition, I will use my ability to research appropriate related literature on the Internet to ensure that your translated text will be just as accurate, readable and informative as the original.

Selling to German Customers on Amazon and eBay

Selling into Europe has never been easier. More and more companies already sell their products through Amazon and eBay. Increasingly such companies and individuals ask me to translate their listings into German, as well as recommend translators for other European languages.

The rules are simple:

On Amazon you're allowed to use 250 characters for your title and 100 for each bullet point. As German words are generally longer than English expressions you may have to make your points even shorter than you had planned!

eBay allows 80 characters in the title and 55 in the subtitle. eBay doesn't restrict the characters for the rest of the advert due to the use of the HTML text editor for creating the listing.

Before you Place your Translation Consider the Following Points:

  • Adapting your returns policy. It will take longer to return items to you from Germany or Austria. What is more: it might cost your clients too much to return goods to you. Therefore offering an exchange and not a refund might end up being costly for you too as you may incur added p&p costs.

  • Adapting your prices to Euro and use country-relevant sizes and weights.

  • Thinking about the contact preferences you use for your overseas clients. If you ask a customer to "give us a call" - will there be anyone able to deal with your customers' enquiry in their language? If not, would it be better to only give your email address? In case you give them a phone number, will calls to this number be charged at international rates? Consider mentioning the likely cost of a call in your information.

  • Consider your keywords. Keywords cannot simply be translated without due consideration of which terminology your German language clients would be googling for. This may require a bit of research. A "polytunnel" is a "Polytunnel" a "Folientunnel" and a "Gewächshaus" in German, so your one keyword quickly becomes three. You can either look on Amazon to see what terms your German competitors use to describe their product or you can ask me to provide that service for you!

German works differently than English!

I'm all for saving you money. Therefore I will often suggest processes that save you time and reduce your costs. But please be aware that German does not only have different words but also a completely different grammar! Please don't ask me to translate isolated words or phrases, thinking you can just add them into an existing text to save yourself a few pounds.

"Red" is not "Red". The ending of the German word depends on the grammatical gender of the following noun, so your red tent is a "rotes" Zelt, but your red ball is a "roter" Ball.

The whole structure of your German sentence can change by changing just one word.

Recently a client gave me a list of words to translate from English to German that seemed clear and obvious to him. He was surprised when I came back with a whole list of questions:
"Check options" - are the options to be confirmed/tested or are they to be ticked/selected?
"Update" is this a noun or a verb in your context?
"This product is not available, please choose another option." Does this mean "buy another item", or "select another option from our menu"?

You get the idea - you might think it saves time and money to give me fewer words to translate. Instead, it is more time-consuming because I have to ask you questions, you have to spend time answering them.

I always check over your final listings to make sure that I have transcribed and displayed everything correctly. But if there are complex errors because I had to completely rewrite passages when their context was changed or if words were added wrongly, I have to charge the extra time it takes to correct the text. Thus, both you and I end up spending even more unnecessary time making the final corrections.

For further information on the differences between English and German see also: Can you put that quickly into German?

Translation of Contracts and Agreements from German to English

Businesses could not function if their relations to other businesses and clients were not defined by legally binding contracts and agreements. If you are dealing with foreign suppliers, clients and business partners, you need to understand precisely what such a contract or agreement obliges you and the other party to.

I have translated many business agreements and contracts over the years. Thus facilitating businesses' complete understanding of every single clause and detail, assisting businesses in getting across their intended provisions.

Often contracts and agreements need translating when a dispute occurs. My fast and efficient service makes sure that you have the information you need at your disposal as soon as possible.

English-German B2B Translations of Websites

In this day and age, a well-written website is essential to many businesses. They rely on their websites not only as a shop window but as a major - sometimes exclusive - opportunity to attract clients. It is therefore surprising that businesses often try to cut corners when it comes to having a site translated.

When I translate a website from English to German or vice versa I thoroughly research the terminology generally used on the net for your type of product or service. After all, using the wrong keywords will mean that no one can find your products or your site.

I will contact you if I believe that, based on my experience of German and British culture, a certain marketing approach is likely to be unpopular in your intended target market. I will do my best to make sure that your translated website works just as hard and efficient for you as your original web presence.

Certified German-English and English-German Translation Services

Occasionally, businesses have need of certified document translation services. These may be contracts or proof of employee identity or other legal documents. Due to long-term experience, I offer a very efficient certification process that has never been found wanting.

Other Specialist Subjects


Christian Theology and Biblical Studies


Bilingual Business Support

Instant translations over the phone!

You have just received a letter, fax or email in German and want to know NOW what it says - not tomorrow, not next week.

There is a German web page that looks interesting, but you are not quite sure that it offers what you think it offers.

There is an online form in German you don't quite understand. - I will, after quickly familiarising myself with the text by having it emailed, faxed or otherwise transmitted to me, give you an overview of its content instantly over the phone. You can decide whether you need a full written translation or whether this low-cost option is sufficient for your needs. Why pay more than necessary?


Summarising Foreign Language Documents

I can also produce a translated written summary of any German text you need to have a broad understanding of but don't need all the details.

Initial Customer Contact - Making the Connection

You have had an inquiry from a potential customer who is German speaking? You want to show that you value his custom? Let him know that you speak his language! Use his native language in the initial communication.

Customer Liaison and Troubleshooting

There is a client on the phone who sounds unhappy, but he has difficulty expressing his query in English? Let me telephone him on your behalf and - using German, his native language - find out exactly what the problem is and, possibly, how it could be rectified. Often a telephone call between people who speak the same language will sort out uncertainties much quicker and more efficiently than the most carefully devised and translated letter. Involving an impartial intermediary would also take the edge off the dialogue. What is more, it is less time-consuming and therefore more cost-effective than embarking into lengthy written discussions.

Your only German-speaking employee has just left or is on holiday. You need temporary help? Call me!

Business Conference Calls

You have a German (potential) business partner and you need to negotiate a deal with him. How much easier to do this using conference call with a reliable, knowledgeable translator to make sure both of you get your points across and there are no misunderstandings? I have successfully participated in negotiations such as these. Get all the support you need from an experienced English-German translator and interpreter.

Assisting with Official Forms

You may have been sent a registration form for the German Value Added Tax or need to fill in forms online. I can quickly and painlessly lead you through the quagmire of German forms to leave you to get on with the essential issues in your business. Delegate where possible and beneficial!