Useful Dictionaries


Acronym finder; English

Commonly used abbreviations within the business studies sector; German

List of abbreviations used in the car trade; German

Dictionary of abbreviations used in car adverts/classifieds, German

Abbreviations used in classified car adverts; German

Glossary of abbreviations common in commodities management/merchandise management; German

Economy and work related abbreviations; German

Financial terminology and abbreviations, German

Abbreviations used in the public finance sector; German

Law related abbreviations; German




Entymology dictionary; English, French, German

Insect species and families, some with images; German, Latin

Glossary of insect-related terms, with illustrations; German, Latin

Information about heteroptera (true bugs); German, Latin, English

Glossary of dog breeds; English

Australian insects, common names plus Latin names; English, Latin

Dictionary of horse riding terms; English, German, French

Glossary of biological terms; Latin, German-German

List of various animals, by species plus family; Latin, German

Glossary of wild bee related terms; German

Dictionary of various fish families with images and details how to keep in captivity, origin etc.; Latin, German

Glossary of life food for aquarium fish, with further information; German, Latin

Fish names and details, partly with photos; Latin, German, English, Dutch, Finnish, French e. a.

Small glossary of aquaristic terminology; German

List of diseases which affect aquarium fish; German

List of gastropods, class, order, family supplied, partly with images; Latin, English


List of Canadian insect pests and diseases affecting crops; English and French

Glossary of farm-related terminology; German

Car Industry

Bilingual site for car spares; German, English

Construction/Architecture/Real Estate

Comprehensive glossary of construction, architecture, real estate and planning law terminology; German-English

Various links to real estate related dictionaries, including acronyms; English, German, Polish, Spanish

Construction management glossary; English

Timber engineering dictionary; English, German

Baulexikon, extensive construction industry glossary; German

Swiss building services engineering glossary; Swiss German

Construction dictionary; English-German

Small glossary on architectural heritage terminology; American English

Planning terminology, copies of German planning law and glossary of construction law; German-English

Glossary of DIY terminology; German

Construction terminology data base; German-English

Archaeological dictionary; German-English and English-German


Detailed job profiles (defining jobs which require formal vocational training); German

Glossary of European Education and Training Policy

Thesaurus of education systems in Europe, provided by the European Union website; multilingual


Online clothes catalogue (change .co.uk to .de for German version)

List of sewing terms, techniques and patterns; English

Textile dictionary, multilingual

Textile dictionary; multilingual


Stockmarket terminology; German/English-German

Stockmarket terminology; German, English, French, Italian

Fire Fighting

Fire fighting terminology; German-English


Multilingual gastronomic dictionary; German, English, Italian, French, Spanish

Dictionary of gastronomic terms (appetisers, soups, main course, cheese ets.); Italian, English, French, Spanish, German

Food and gastronomic glossary; definitions in German, terms also in English, Spanish, French

Detailed wine glossary; German (other languages for subscribers)

Glossary of healthy living; German (more extensive glossary for subscribers)


German to English definitions and/or translations of genealogy-related abbreviations, terms and phrases

Extensive genealogical glossary including abbreviations, based on Saxon, Latin, Greek; main language for definitions: English, other languages also used

Dictionary of abbreviations, symbols and terms used in family trees; German, English

Multilingual glossary/dictionary of genealogical terms; various European languages including German, Dutch, English

Dictionary of genealogical terminology; Latin-German

Dictionary of family history relevant terms; Latin, German, English

General Link Lists

"Erlanger Liste", extensive list of links to dictionaries, encyclopedia and data bases


Dictionary of the German healthcare market; English-German, German-English


Gateway to German law in English

Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch (BGB) = the German civil code; English translation

LDownloadable official translations of German statutes and ordinances; German-English

Access to European laws; all EU languages

German law archive

Glossary of legal abbreviations; German

Law related links

German dictionary of law. Deutsches Rechtswörterbuch; German-German definitions with references to original texts

Glossary of maritime law, abbreviations, definitions etc; mainly English

Detailed glossary of advertising law; German

Glossary of legal terminology; English

Small dictionary of legal terms relevant for asylum seekers; German, English, French

Legal dictionary; German-English (many other languages available)

Extensive legal glossary for taxation terminology; German


Glossary for advertising/marketing terminology; English/German, German

Management/marketing dictionary; English/German, German

Marketing/management/accounting dictionary; English, German

Glossary of brands; German

Link list of marketing/brands dictionaries/glossaries

Marketing dictionary; English, German, French


General dictionary of nature, French-Spanish-German-English

Dictionary of plant and animal names with photographs; German-Latin

Glossary of terms relating to ponds, green roofs, biological plant protection e.a.; German

Access to various lists of animal names, geological and mineralogical terms (click on "Sammlungen"); Latin-German

Glossary of environmental terms; German

Various water-related dictionaries and glossaries; German and English

Other Interesting Sites

Neue deutsche Rechtschreibung, Regeln online plus Wörterverzeichnis

The European Union On-Line, Die Europäische Union online

Europäisches Übersetzer-Kollegium Nordrhein-Westfalen in Straelen

Übersetzerportal - Die Tagesschau der Branche

A comprehensive list of links to German publishers, inclusive of Top 100, can be found here: Buchreport


Searchable data base of plant names, large amount of synonyms; Latin, English, German, Swedish, Italian, French, Finnish

Dictionary of scientific plant names plus English names; Latin-English

Dictionary of plant names, Latin names plus botanical/German names, also tool glossary (German); Latin-German


Computer terminology

Drilling terms; German-English, English-German


Dictionary of wood species; German commercial name, botanical name, family; synonyms in various languages available by clicking on names

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