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Calculating translation rates

Translation rates

When two or three translators gather, they are likely to talk about their translation rates. The translation rates they charge agencies, the rates they get from direct clients, the rates they hear others charge. Especially for newcomers into the profession, the rates they can charge are one of the most frequently asked questions.

Most people leave it there and forget to calculate how much money they need to earn to pay the bills and what standard of living they are hoping to achieve.

HM Revenue & Customs - Tax

HM Revenue & Customs - Tax

Suggestions on How to Become Established as a Freelance Translator

HM Revenue & Customs

Below is advice regarding  HM Revenue & Customs, this is only my advice and is not intended as financial advice, I would advice you to seek the opinion of a qualified accountant if you require financial advice, regarding HM Revenue & Customs.

Working from Home

Suggestions on How to Become Established as a Freelance Translator

At first sight working from home may appear the perfect solution, especially for (young) mothers. The most important thing is to ensure that your family understands that you are at work when you are at your desk.


Explain to your children that you are at home unless you are at your desk. When you're at your desk you are at work and only to be disturbed on really important occasions.